NEW - Credit Control Made Easy

What is the course about? – This 1 day course covers the credit control process from start to finish and will give delegates more knowledge and confidence in dealing with customers.

Who is it for?  – this one day intensive course is for anyone new to credit control or has some experience but would benefit from a rounded view of credit management within organizations
Why we give credit

  1.  the principle of Credit Management in organisations
  2. Cost of credit
  3. Credit as a marketing tool

Terms & conditions of trade

  1. what are they
  2.  why we need them

The customer identity

  1. Who are we dealing with?
  2. Different trading styles

Credit assessment and new accounts

  1. credit application forms
  2. ways of assessing credit worthiness

Measuring debt performance

  1. we look at reporting debt duration,
  2. overdue reporting  & query management

Monthly collection cycle

  1. prioritising what needs to be done at particular times

Collecting money

  1. by  email, fax, letter and telephone collection and methods of payment
  2. Handling the excusesthe difference between ‘can’t pay’ and ‘won’t pay’

Course Start time 9.30  - Finish time 4.30