Dealing with Conflict - 2 day workshop

The two day workshop will cover communication style and dealing with difficult situations in day one and negotiation and mediation skills on day two.  The course will focus upon communicating in a more persuasive manner with colleagues and individuals from outside your organisation. The training method is designed to fully engage participants in order for them to gain knowledge and practical skills to use immediately in the workplace.
Pre-course Activity -  a simple pre-course questionnaire will be sent out to complete which asks delegates to consider current expectations. This will help set the context of the course and the information provided will be used on the day as part of the course activities


Day 1 – Communicating effectively and persuasively

How we see ourselves – what works and what doesn’t. Strengths & weaknesses

Ensuring your communication is clear, concise and easily understood. Effective questioning and listening skills.

Saying 'yes' when you know you should be saying 'no.
Using positive and persuasive language
Expressing your ideas in an assertive and effective manner

Understanding and stopping the psychological games that people play