Advanced Presentation Skills

NEW Managing Risk – protect cash and profit
How to identify warning signals and take corrective action

What is it about?  – This 1 day workshop aims to provide knowledge and skills to deal with customers differently and prevent bad debts.  It provides helpful insights in identifying insolvency warning signs and implement preventative measures to protect profitability.

Who is it for?  Credit controllers and team leaders who need the latest ideas in dealing with customers and prevent bad debts during this tough economical climate. 
Good Credit Practice in managing Debts

  1. Overview of the process and practical application of managing debt. 
  2. The dunning process, collection methods and skills required. 
  3. What the business expects of Credit.

Identify insolvency warning signs

  1. What signs to look for, both financially and changes in customer behaviour  
  2. Non Payment and late payment Excuses – understanding the level of severity for the reason/excuse for non payment at due date

Implement preventative measures to protect business profitability

  1. Risk assessment and securing debts
  2. Best value options open to us to secure debts
  3. Implications of implementation or failure to apply.

When a customer goes ‘Bad’

  1. Determining at what stage legal action should be taken
  2. Establish when a bad debt needs to be written off
  3. When to involve Legal Department or Collection Agency at appropriate time. * (dependent on internal policy)

Negotiating and trading out of difficult/bad debts

  1. How to negotiate debt settlements to increase recovery rate and minimise risk.

Course Start time 9.30  - Finish time 4.30