Advanced Presentation Skills

NEW Power Up Your Presentation Skills
How to present confidently

What is it about?  – This 1 day workshop is designed to help you confidently deliver any presentation, anywhere.  The course addresses the psychology of presenting, teaching you techniques on how to overcome anxiety and nervousness and to present confidently..
Who is it for?  Anyone new presenting and needs to ideas to help them get their point across effectively and confidently. How to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint ‘!

Who are you talking to? - know your audience. 

  1. Understanding needs and expectations and how to approach it


  1. Using effective body language, words and tonality. 
  2. How body language can make or break your presentation
  3. Eensure you are projecting confidence
  4. Gain and keep your audience's attention.

Using Language that works

  1. gaining rapport with the audience, using right style of language for the message. 
  2. How to eliminate annoying "audible pauses," such as "um," "err," "you know"

Managing the audience

  1. thinking on your feet, handling questions
  2. working under pressure

Personal effectiveness

  1. managing and controlling nerves;
  2. establishing a physiology of excellence and confidence.
  3. Tips for how to calm your nerves and use nervousness to your advantage.

Master your technique

  1. How to master the three Ps of presenting: preparation, practice and performance;

Using PowerPoint – 7 plus or minus 2 the magic number! 

  1. Top tips on what to include, what not to include within your presentation.  (please note that this course does not included instruction on Microsoft PowerPoint)

Course Start time 9.30  - Finish time 4.30