Pschology of Collecting Money - one day workshop

Objectives - This one day workshop is aimed at building the relevant skills of successful collections by focusing on the dynamics of personal interaction.  The workshop includes a detailed examination of the basic components of communication both verbal and non-verbal with the opportunity to practise giving and receiving feedback and to identify their natural influencing style. 


  1. Introduction to the course – the basics of communication and interaction
  2. Mindset of the debtor vs mindset of collector – psychology of collection.  We look at attitude towards debtors and collectors and the importance of understanding what makes people tick.
  1. Improving the relationship with your customers and understanding why they fear being asked for money


  1. Game playing – understanding why people play games when they are under financial pressure. Discovering the real reason behind non payment excuses and how to handle these situations.
  2. Persuasive and positive language – words that change minds - learning positive language, rephrasing and avoiding the ‘red rags’ in communication.  This section deals with some of the common mistakes and communication traps and will include questions for turning around the conversation
  3. To pay or not to pay - Understanding different types of debtors and what motivates them to pay and stick to their commitments or not to pay.  How to deal with these situations and which strategies work best.
  1. Negotiation, strategies and tactics - Reaching workable solutions including negotiating alternative methods of repayment


    • Practise sessions – putting the skills into practise